Metal hookahs

A brief history of the brand CWP

The path from the idea of the first prototypes and hand-made production in Moscow region to a full-fledged factory in China and worldwide sales

The idea of the first hookah

The company CWP appeared at the end of 2009, the basis for that was love for hookah and desire to bring something new in the hookah's world. At that moment, the only original hookahs available on the market, were hookahs from Meduse Design, at the same time they were not widely spread because of the high price, the average smoking characteristics and poor usability.

Inspired by the creativity of the Czech team and taking into account the views of industry experts, we created our first hookah, which later evolved into CWP Original. It is worth to say that we from the beginning focused on the high quality, and this in its turn explains our pricing.

Frankly speaking, starting the project, we had no idea either about the production or the design. That is why, the first samples were created intuitively, by the method of attempts and errors. Selected by us form-factor initially caused misunderstandings among experienced servers of hookah bars, some predicted our imminent failure, some people did not understand how it worked and whether our hookah would be suitable for smoking at all.

We want to express special thanks to our first customers. The first courier deliveries were made on our own, so we have seen with our own eyes the joy and satisfaction of our customers. This gave a motivation to continue to do what in a few years will become our main deal and business.

Russia and China

The first batches of hookahs were made entirely in Russia, but because of the modest possibilities of Russian production and unpossibility of further development, all the production was moved to China. In this regard we even succeded to improve the quality of products, due to the fact that our hookahs are tested and assembled by our staff, and not by outside members of one of the factories of manufacturers.

Now it is clear that it was absolutely a right step, because till today the domestic production is lagging behind both in quality and price and technology.

Maybe we were not lucky with the Russian contractors, the majority of our projects with them were similar to the anecdote, but the result, unfortunately, disappointed. We hope that in the future the situation will be better, because in our country there are extremely high-class professionals, who really have no equal in the world.

But exactly in this time, we met a true professional in his field - illustrator Alexander Tyapochkin. Sasha helped us greatly, his prints defined how we see our product in the future. Many of his works were remembered by our customers - we were asked to deliver it "a girl with a red hose" or "The Hookah Night with gold"

China - is to save money?

Sometimes we are faced with the opinion that the goods made in China - this is a poor quality and low price. The reality is that nowadays the most of famous brands in absolutely every category of consumer goods are produced in China. And that means that these companies find a sense in it for themselves and for consumers.

In China, there are more than 10 million industrial enterprises: from small garages, factories of a square of ​​hundreds of football fields, and thousands of employees. The price for the exact same item for hookah may differ 2-3 times depending on with what equipment it is manufactured, in which province there is a factory, what materials are used. Even a difference in a cost of usual aluminum can be up to 3-5 times, depending on its purity, mark, elasticity, strength and suitability for anodizing. More qualitative materials on the one hand make it possible to achieve a higher quality of end products, but on the other hand - impose additional requirements on production equipment, qualification of personnel. It is also true a back side - savings on the quality of materials or a cheap equipment will lead eventually to the inability to obtain high-quality cosmetic coating or a necessary precision of mating of elements.

Some technologies, such as pressing, require extremely high quality components: tubes of relatively inexpensive stainless steel 304 will be torn by a 35-ton press, which is used in the manufacture of the hookah Razor, so we use steel of mark 316L. Moreover, ordinary steel 304/316 can not be certified as food-grade (food certificate). The products to be considered truly safe for use, it is requires a further processing - stainless steel passivation.

To obtain high-quality anodized coating- stable color, tint diversity - it is required a pure aluminum without impurities, expensive equipment and expensive chemical solutions. The factory in which we produce most of the work is specialized in anodized housings of mobile phones and other electronics for HTC and other companies.

As you can see, China - is a huge choice of technologies, quality levels and price levels. And for us it is important that it is in China, we have got an access to the most advanced technologies.

Third generation

At the end of 2014, we have updated the model Original and released two new ones: Shifter Gravity. The reason for these updates became advices and objective criticism from the professional participants of the market, as well as the new opportunities which have become available, with the location of production in China.

Great success and a big step forward for us was a partnership with this world famous - illustrator named Ademas Batista. It was his prints that adorn the third generation of glass hookahs.

Unfortunately, in mass production it had a little to "dress up" a girl.

At the moment, we can say with a confidence that CWP is not just the original hookahs, but also really practical and convenient hookahs that meet the current requirements of the majority of fans of hookahs, namely: light traction, convenient control of heat and practicality. To all this it should be add that CWP is really a high-qualitative hookah, made of thick borosilicate glass and all metal parts are made of anodized aluminum.

Not only glass

Late autumn of 2014, we started thinking about what absolutely new products we can offer. The assortment of 3-glass hookahs, in our opinion, had already given enough choices in this category, so was decided to take a fresh look at the traditional hookahs. So it was created a completely new product - a hookah stem CWP Razor. Focusing on the most demanding customers, we have made a number of steps a hookah stem to become a maximum qualitative, elegant and charged with new ideas..

Perhaps, in addition to technological difficulties, the main challenge was to make a decision, and to invest significant money for us into mass production. Against the background of the crisis and the weekly increasing rate of the ruble, it was not easy to predict what will be a demand.

A hookah stem went on sale in November 2015, in the further it will be added a family of accessories.

In summer of 2015, we also completed the development and produced bags for Original and Shifter. In Russia, we offer them as an optional accessory.

Perhaps small changes in the construction of our standard and fruit bowls are not seen by an inexperienced user, but from a technological point of view, it was one of the most difficult projects in the implementation. We have decided to abandon the traditional "grindings" - a joint that has its origins in the laboratory glass elements requiring hermetic junction. A new solution from CWP uses silicone rings as seals, while bowls themselves are pressed of liquid glass by special technology.

And the last project under the CWP this year - completely new forceps of our own design. Up to this moment hookahs have been completed with forceps from outside producers, and, frankly, nobody of the team liked them either in style or by quality. New forceps are made of high quality materials, lie comfortably in the hand. Sold separately or in a set with some hookahs.

Assembling of hookahs is under the work of our own employees in China. To control the staff, some of us even had even to learn the Chinese language, not to mentioning the fact about moving into this country.

International sales

Another advantage of moving into China, became an access to international logistics. We have already earlier received inquiries from foreign buyers, but it took time to get the ability to do the shipment of goods around the world.

We see a strong interest in our products in such markets as the United States, Brazil, Europe, UAE, so we make a special effort for this to develop distribution in these regions.

We do not stand still, constantly improving and expanding the production, and in the near future we shall offer much interesting and original, in addition to glass hookahs. As always, all new products will be differed by a high quality and well thought-out of designs.

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