Metal hookahs

кальян медуза
кальян медуза

CWP Gravity

Premium model. A stylish solid steel stand. Perfect flask for cocktails.

429 $


Key features

An expensive and elite hookah, created within a Meduse hookah form-factor. Metal stand is made from a single sheet of steel, finished with a stylish silver color. Two hoses can be used simultaneously (valves included). The flask is ideal for preparing cocktails.

Install second hose
чаша кальяна медуза

The innovative bowl does not require aluminum foil. Preparation of the CWP hookah takes less than a minute!

подставка кальяна медуза

The stand is produced from sheet steel 4mm thick with quality powder-coating.

мундштук кальяна медуза

Thick glass and a convenient folding design for quick replacement.

шланг кальяна медуза

Two hoses can be used simultaneously (valves included)


Gravity – the shape reminds of the Meduse hookah, but that is the only characteristic to be found in common. The hookah takes all the best features from CWP: comfortable mine-bowl, thick glass and an excellent valve. The stand is produced from sheet steel 4mm thick, with quality powder-coating in a special chamber. Hookah is sufficiently large, effective and is well positioned on the market for expensive hookahs.

  • m
    70 cm
  • n
    23 cm
  • o
    1,8 m
  • q
    Net weight
    4,5 kg
  • p
    Gross weight
    5,5 kg