Metal hookahs

дизайнерский кальян
стеклянный кальян
дизайнерский кальян

CWP Original

A bright and compact hookah, with a print design from the famous Adhemas Batista (California, USA). Bag included.

284 $


Key features

New bright model, created in collaboration with the famous Ademas Batista. Our experience and advice from our clients, has allowed us to create the perfect glass hookah: a larger bowl for coal, an added high-quality valve, plus a diffuser is included to reduce noise from the bubbles. CWP Original is not just another designer hookah, the larger inner diameter ensure better suction, while using the thicker glass allows for optimal level of cooling, considering this relatively compact model.

чаша стеклянного кальяна

The innovative bowl does not require aluminum foil. Preparation of the CWP hookah takes less than a minute!

дизайнерский мундштук

Thick glass and a convenient folding design for quick replacement.

дизайнерский стеклянный кальян
клапан стеклянного кальяна

Instead of the valve, you can install the second hose (a set for smoking as a pair)


Components of the highest quality: thick borosilicate glass, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and silicone. The hookah is delivered in premium packaging, made from recycled cardboard.

  • m
    33 cm
  • n
    11 cm
  • o
    1,8 m
  • q
    Net weight
    2,5 kg
  • p
    Gross weight
    3,0 kg