Metal hookahs

CWP Razor

A masterpiece of engineering. Versatility. Open draw. Anodized aluminum and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

284 $


Key features

Innovative engineering solutions, advanced materials and integrated approach allowed to create a shisha pipe of a new level: easy traction, monolithic design, comfortable plate and an elaborate system of vent. Hookah stem Razor - a product that we are proud of.

Open draw
Charcoal tray
Two hoses

Patent-pending crescent-shaped air tunnels

Charcoals last longer, while ashes securely fall into a special compartment

Built-in diffusor ensures quiet and smooth draw

Reliable and effortless valve

Anodized aluminum and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Minimum flavor ghosting and extreme durability.

Two hoses can be used simultaneously (valves included). Optional.


A hookah stem is a monolithic design with interchangeable ports and a removable plate. Height - 65cm. The diameter of the connector for a water jar is 38mm. Thanks to the optimal length of the tube a shisha pipe fits the most of the glass vases on the market. Universal silicone plugs included.

  • m
    650 mm
  • n
    Base connector
    38 mm
  • q
    Net weight
    1200 g
  • p
    Gross weight
    2250 g