Metal hookahs

кальян с подсветкой
кальян для ресторана
кальян для ресторана
кальян с подсветкой
кальян с подсветкой

CWP Shifter

Perfect for cocktails in the flask. Optional fruit bowl. LED light with remote control. Bag included.

340 $


Key features

New original model, CWP Shifter. Bright RGB LED controlled light for the flask. Great look with either the standard or the special optional bowl for fruit hookah preparation. A good decision for hookah service: thick glass, minimum number of glass components, many options for creative hookah preparation, including fruit cocktails in the flask.

Fruit bowl
LED light
чаша кальяна с подсветкой

The innovative bowl does not require aluminum foil. Preparation of the CWP hookah takes less than a minute!

чаша кальяна на фрукте

A fruit bowl for preparation with fruit. It can also be used as a transition for the traditional clay bowl.

колба кальяна с подсветкой

Back-light works on 3 AAA batteries. Many color options.

мундштук кальяна с подсветкой

Thick glass and a convenient folding design for quick replacement.


Back-light works on 3 AAA batteries. Many color options. A larger diameter of the lower part of the flask, allows for more stability during professional use in establishments. The fruit bowl can also be used as an adapter for the classic clay bowl.

  • m
    33 cm
  • n
    18 cm
  • o
    1,8 m
  • q
    Net weight
    3,0 kg
  • p
    Gross weight
    3,5 kg
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