Metal hookahs


CWP Hookahs – leaders in quality, innovative technology and design. Learn more about our brand developments, which increase smoking quality and provide an unforgettable user experience to CWP owners. A high-quality hookah will last much longer than a regular one.

Crescent-shaped air tunnels

Advanced CNC machinning techniques enable maximum airflow for most open draw

  • C Razor


Ashes securely fall into a special compartment

  • C Razor


Lifetime durability. All aluminium parts are joined together under hydraulic press. We've added 650mm solid passivated 316-series stainless tube to ensure a fresh taste each time.

  • C Razor


Quieter hookah sessions while the smoke gets cooler.

  • C Razor

Versatile connectors

Unscrew the standard connectors and install optional ones so that two hoses can be used simultaneously.

  • C Razor